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Fine Jewelry, Watches, Antiques, Diamonds, Gemstones & Education


Welcome to our page on eBay!

We are collectors and sellers of fine, rare and unique pieces of jewelry and art.

We have two locations in the New York Diamond District.

We specialize in fine antique jewelry and rare items as well as fine diamonds and gemstones.

When you deal with us, you get access to a variety of estate jewelers in NY and around the world.

Our collection is comprised of years of hard labor and love for beautiful things.

Everything we do is out of love to this business, we are also proud members of the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) and we work closely with the Diamond Dealers Club of NY.

We pursue a strict guideline of fair, honest, transparent business practice. We follow all AGTA & DDCNY business standards of full disclosure and customer satisfaction...

In short, the best business practices are just a starting point for us, we will do our best to keep our customers coming back!!!

Our Main office:

47th DDC
10 West 47th Street, #44
New York, NY 10036

Office:  1-212-221-3735
E-Mail: info@47ddc.com

Our Japanese Branch:

47th DDC JP. Co.
Kanagawa Prefecture





Our trade is comprised of a few approached:

  1. Fine Estate and Antique Jewelry

  2. Loose diamonds, White and Fancy Colors

  3. Loose Gemstones

  4. Fine jewelry production with pieces as big as 500 carats of diamonds as well as super large rare gemstone jewelry

  5. Education and collectibles in order to cater to different levels of clients

  6. Free advise and education for anyone who needs help

  7. Appraisal services for jewelry and watches

  8. Special requests: If we don't have what you are looking for, we will find it for you

We are here to communicate and we are here to make friends. If there is anything you want to ask of us, please feel free to send us an email, we will do our best to help.





A little about Shinmei gu:

Shinmei gu, also known as Amanawa Jinja is an 8th century temple in Kamakura Japan where you may just find a new view on life and a clearer vision to the future.

This temple is not a major one, but it has seen it's share of historical events.

Throughout generations of wars, this was a part of history.

Shinmei gu was the place where a Shogun held his final ground in a losing battle on a November day in 1285.

Shinmei gu of the Adachi clan is a place where one would be proud to make a stand amidst the breathtaking tranquility.

Here the Adachi clan fought its last battle, if you ever visit this place you will know why.


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