Thai dealers selling cheap sapphires as Kashmir SCAM

This is a guide about a very bad situation which is going on with eBay.

Apparently Thai dealer, especially from Chantaburi Thailand are passing Thai, African and Ceylon sapphires as Kashmir.

This is the biggest scam ever, Kashmir has not produced gem material in over 100 years.

There are some stones still showing in the market by my friend “Kashmir Ed” who mainly deals in Kashmir sapphires.

Here are guidelines into buying Kashmir sapphires:
1) Do not buy a Kashmir sapphire without a certificate stating the origin to be Kashmir and unheated.

2) Only accept certificates from GIA, AGL, AGTA, GRS and Gubelin.

3) AGL, GRS and GIA are the most trusted of the labs listed above.

4) Read the description over and over and look for a seller play of words trying to deceive you.

5) Kashmir sapphires are very expensive, if you check in Christies and Sotheby’s you will see that some Kashmir sapphires start at $20,000.00 per carat and much higher depending on the quality and size of the stone.

6) Most Kashmir sapphires are antique cuts, unheated sapphire.

7) Most Kashmir sapphires have strong color zoning, meaning they have “windows” and colorless areas.

8) Most Kashmir sapphires are soft blue, rarely crisp blue nor metallic blue.

9) Most dishonest sapphire dealers (Thai, Sri Lankan and Chinese) will try to pass their sapphires with what we call “home made” certificates. Basically they are selling junk for which there is neither demand nor value.

10) If it’s too cheap then something is wrong.

11) No money back guarantee, then there is something wrong.

12) South Asian and East Asian dealer, watch out!!!

13) Just to clarify, my wife is Japanese. I would rather buy from US, Japanese, German or Swiss sellers then take my chances buying from a country which is known for gemstone scams.

I have one last request, please report all of these people trying to pass sapphires as Kashmir blue color. This practice is illegal!!!
If you claim a sapphire to be Kashmir, or Kashmir blue you better have a reputable certificate to back you up.





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Last modified: 11/09/12