Telling Bulova Accutron Dates Guide

Accutron is a very beautiful and special watch.

By far, just like most people, I am not an expert on Bulova Accutron, so I hope this helps.

Dating Accutron is simple and it works for both regular Accutron, Spaceview, 218 Accutron and some other watches as well.

Each watch has a serial number and underneath a 2 digit age marker made up of one letter and one number...Here goes:

A9 = 1949 (this was the first dating done)
L0-L9 - 1950's, L0 = 1950, L1 = 1951..... L9 = 1959
M0-M9 - 1960's, M0 = 1960, M1 = 1961....etc... toM6 = 1966, etc.
N0-N9 - 1970's. N3 = 1973, etc.


M0 = 1960  N0 = 1970




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Last modified: 11/09/12