Fake Chargers for Canon & Sony Digital Cameras by US Sellers

I just purchased a charger from a NY dealer stating that the charger is a genuine Canon charger for my SD 800 camera.

I paid more then the usual generic chargers only to receive a fake Canon charger. I couldn't believe my eyes, a real low quality fake with the name Canon on it and the worst cable. I used it and it was so hot I was worried about a fire.

In fact, Canon and other firms have a fire hazard advisory out for these type of chargers which do not even have fuses protecting them from overloading and catching on fire.

They are located in Flushing which is basically the China Town of Queens and a source of all cheap fakes in NY, more then China Town itself.

I contacted Canon, but they don't really care. They do have an advisory about all of these fake batteries and chargers, so buyer beware. EBay is looking into the issue but I don't think that they can prove anything unless they see my charger or buy another from the seller.

To my opinion:

  • If a seller has a lot of "brand name" pieces of each item, they might be cheap fakes. No one really puts in tons of money into having one type of charger....right?
  • All sellers using Generic photos are prob selling fakes, I rather buy a used piece or one with real and actual pictures.
  • All Chinese origin electronics are FAKE.
  • All cities with concentration of Chinese importers are bound to funnel fakes into the US.
  • Examples...Downtown Manhattan NY, Flushing NY, Los Angeles CA, South and Centeral Florida are good indications of fake items funnels.
  • Any sellers claiming that "PURCHASE WILL BRING YOU LUCK" are basically Chinese importers, after being in HK it seems that every ripoff artist wishes you "good luck".

Please note, I have nothing against Chinese or Asian people, I am engaged to an Asian girl. What I do hate, are scammers that take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

Don't you love the international outcry about Chinese made products? In Japan the manufacturers would have all committed Hara-Kiri by now. How could you live with yourself while making product that can harm people...For a few stinking dollars too???!!!

Please join the fight against these scammers.



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Last modified: 11/09/12