Here's another money saving tip.

I worked for one of the top watch guys in the US, Richard Gilbert is one of his customers (Richard Gilbert who writes the top Watch Collecting book in the world).

Anyway, we had a set of ball watches that my ex-Boss bought at an auction. One day we had a buyer from Europe who was going to purchase them, but on inspection he claimed they were fakes. So we gathered up the minds and people, did some intense research and we found duplicates floating around.

Yes, they were fakes.
We did a lot of research and found out that they are mass produced in E. Europe and China.

  • Basically, 99.99% of overseas brass ball clocks, watches are fakes.

  • Do not buy these from overseas dealers unless they deal in high end jewelry and fine watches. Most of these guys will not mar their name with fakes.

  • If it looks too perfect, then it's too good to be true.

  • Oh, and I love it when they say "if you win you will get good lucky". I just love these people who think that luck or blessing will make you buy their fakes.

After comparing to the real deals from Christies (that we have soonafter purchased) you could tell how much newer the mechanisms are.

These ball watches are passed on eBay as estate or antiques.

The Chinese place them on the antiques sections or collectible sections. They usually avoid the pocket/watch section b/c most buyers who collect them flag these crooks and liars.

Please watch for these and flag them on eBay. Save your money and other peoples money so the global eBay name stays well and we all can trade in a good atmosphere.



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Last modified: 11/09/12