Recently I had a chance to learn a thing or tow about Cartier paperweights.

I have just purchased a beautiful Cartier paperweight from a reputable dealer in the diamond district, the piece is amazing, don’t really want to sell it, I rather have it on my bookcase.

 Anyway, I checked on eBay and found a few paperweight for dirt cheap, I would buy all of them for those prices…so I tried one out….and here goes….

I bought a paperweight for $100, it’s a steal of a price, but as the price said, it was a bit fishy.

I got the paperweight and at first glance it looked like the real thing, but I already had the real one in my office.

I compared the two paperweights and here were the fine details, after 18 years in the jewelry business I almost fell for the copy.



Real Fake

Full size, well proportioned apple

Stubby funny looking and with no proportions

Had 2 leaves, made of one solid piece of sterling silver with patina on the guilloche plating
One leaf, made of metal, full of porosity (holes) and you can see sloppy soldering on the stems. (Cartier would never let this work out of the factory.

Hand engraved with normal wear


Laser Engraved, perfect condition…However this weight was produced around the onset of laser engraving therefore it’s unlikely to be engraved by laser and in perfect unused condition

Stem is infused into the glass


Stem is glued in a crude way into the glass and doesn’t sit right


Came with the original custom fit Cartier box


No box












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Last modified: 11/09/12