Buying a Jacob & Co. JC Watches - Avoid Fakes

Over the past 20 years, our company has worked closely with Jacob & Co.

We manufacture high end exclusive pieces and naturally both companies work together.

My colleague has been a long time friend of Jacob and his family and as I joined the team I took a real liking to the brand and idea.

Over the past year, I literally went through over 100 Jacob diamond watches, some used some new and I have come to the following conclusions which should help you in purchasing a Jacob time piece or jewelry.


Before buying:

 1)      About 50% of all Jacob watches & watch parts, either used or “new” which were not through a Jacob & co authorized dealer were fake with real diamonds (low quality diamonds).

2)      Buying a new or newish Jacob watch with box but no papers is a sign of something not right. Check for warranty, money back guarantee and for sure, check the seller and their feedback.

3)      If you are buying a new Jacob watch, ask if you can verify the seller by calling Jacob & co. It’s a bit unusual to call them, but if you are spending 10 to 20 grand, it’s worth the call.

4)      Beware of overseas sellers, I helped Jacob & Haimov watch corps track down an Australian who makes fakes with real diamonds and flooding overseas markets with them.

5)      Shop around, if the price is too good to be true, take it easy and slow, make sure the seller backs his item as genuine and get that in writing with a receipt.

6)      If anything in the watch is “aftermarket” then consider the whole piece aftermarket; or fake. Aftermarket means not original and a very very low resale value.

7)  If the seller doesn't know the JC model of the watch and you can't find it in the catalog, then it most likely wasn't made by Jacob & Co.


After getting the watch:

1)      Inspect the serial numbers between the lugs, many of the fakes are missing them.

2)      Jacob watches have become quality items, inspect the watch for good operation. If anything looks a bit “rinky dinky” it’s a bad sign.

3)      Check for re-polished cases, look at the edges of the watch with a loupe; Are the edges smooth and sharp?

4)      Inspect the diamond bezel; is there too much metal between the diamonds?

5)      Look at the band, is it a new watch with an old type of clasp? For the past 2 years Jacob has been making the new logo deployment bands.


I hope this info helps, please email me with any questions you might have.

I deal directly with Jacob & co, but they don’t like their new watches sold on eBay. That’s fine since I sell more then enough time pieces to the Asian market as it is.

Regardless, I’m here for you and I’ll be more then glad to help. I’d love to sell you a watch, all of my Jacobs come with a full 2 year warranty, but the whole purpose of this guide is to help do away with people selling fakes, it just breaks my heart to see scammers get away with such things.

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Last modified: 11/09/12