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Deluxe Movements Guides and Reviews

In this section we have collected all of our guides which we have written in order to better the eBay community and to promote fair, honest trade.

Please feel free to ask questions and your support is always welcome!!!

1 How to avoid fake signed jewelry Guide 2 Fake Chargers for Canon & Sony Digital Cameras by US Sellers
3 Buyers beware EYE OF BUDDHA is nothing but glass guide 4 FAKE BALL CLOCKS WATCHES POCKET WATCHES GUIDE
5 Color Diamond Buying & Treatment Detection AVOID SCAMS Guide 6 Detecting Real Pearls - FTC - Type of Pearls Guide
7 Star Sapphires Understanding & Background Guide 8 Guide to Diamond & Gemstone Certificates & Laboratories
9 Fake Japanese Swords & Asian Art from China Guide 10 Learn Japanese Reading Writing Hiragana Katakana Kanji Guide
11 Thai dealers selling cheap sapphires as Kashmir SCAM 12 Sapphire Buying Guide - Kashmir Burma Ceylon Madagascar
13 Buying a Jacob & Co. JC Watches - Avoid Fakes 14 Telling Bulova Accutron Dates Guide
15 Buying Pre-owned Rolex 16 Cartier Apple Paperweights, Fakes VS Real
17 Vintage Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Buying Guid 18  
19   20  
21   22  
23   24  
25 Guides/Terms.htm   Guides/Terms1.htm











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